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"You Never Would" Lyrics: Ricky Heisner / Music: robby heisner You tell me you’re in love again I see you’re back in bed And the price of your decision rests Like a bounty on your head Chorus: There’s nothing I can say or do When every time you run me through You never would believe it’s true That I could be in love with you Does the wine of your emotions Ease the pain of giving in? Does the sign of your devotion Always mark the same dead end? Bridge: Somethings are better left unsaid Somethings are never enough I could be holding a winning hand But nobody’s calling my bluff I remember you were laughing But I couldn’t see your face You could always keep me guessing Just to put me in my place
Sometimes 05:02
"Sometimes (With a Little Love)" ©2022Heisner, BMI lyrics: Ricky Heisner / Music: Robby Heisner Sometimes you have to leap before you look Sometimes your life is not an open book The risk you take can break your heart The first step is the hardest part But faith is where all good things start Sometimes there’s nothing more that you can do Sometimes you end up looking like a fool The hero doesn't always win There's no use trying to pretend But hope sees past the bitter end Chorus: With a little love – anything is possible With a little love – a heart can overflow With a little love – the healing comes, like music to your soul With a little love – sometimes you never know How a little love can grow Sometimes you fail at everything you try Sometimes you're lucky just to be alive You can't control the circumstance But JOY can make your spirit dance We all need one more second chance Bridge: Love can come when least expected And bring you back to life Like the whisper of some resurrected Dream beyond the night Love's the brightest light Come and see the sight Sometimes the best you can is not enough Sometimes the winning hand’s an empty bluff When doubts arise, as doubts will do To cloud your eyes and steal the view Only love can see you through
"These Are The Days" ©2022Heisner, BMI Lyrics: Ricky heisner / Music: Robby Heisner I remember growing up and dreaming with my brothers of all the music we would make I remember singing, and harmonizing with each other And finding gold in each mistake Chorus: These are the days we are born to remember These are the days we could live to regret These are the days that cannot be recovered These are the days where forever is set I remember taking up a challenge dark and holy And found the best news ever heard I remember changing, till my heart was overflowing, To scatter light with every word I remember meeting up with someone sweet and lovely and I have never been the same I remember feeling such emotions overcome me That only love could be to blame
"THE SUN WILL ALWAYS SET" ©2022Heisner, BMI Lyrics /Music: Robby heisner I’ve spent a lifetime climbing mountains I swam against the current of the sea I’ve spent so many’s years Facing all my greatest fears So the sun won’t Set on me What I once had I have lost What I hid I now see I’ve spent so many years Hiding all the tears So the sun won’t Set on me Set on me It doesn’t matter What you say or what you do It doesn’t matter What you give or you get It only matters what you leave behind Because the sun... Will always set I tried to be strong When I was the weakest I tried to be the calm In the storm I spent so many years Fighting off all your fears So the sun Won’t set on you Set on you We’ve lived our life To the fullest So much laughter With the pain We’ve spent so many years Fighting back Our fears So the sun won’t set on us The sun will always set
Mr Barker 03:21
"MR. BARKERS ECLECTIC SIDESHOW & TRAVELING MENAGERIE" ©2022Heisner, BMI Lyrics: R. & R. HEISNER / Music: robby heisner Mr. Barker runs the sideshow in the traveling Menagerie. People come from miles around to get their chance to see The Two headed baby Schlitzie the pinhead or The Rubber skin man Spend your day On the midway And see everything you can Stand in line, get your tickets The tall man will let you in Tip your hat, Take your seat The show will now begin THERE’s A three legged dog a man eating chicken and the incredible penguin girl Then a fortune teller tells you secrets Then your head slowly starts to swirl Chorus: hurry, hurry Step right up For the Greatest Show in town Come one come all don’t be late Intriguing and profound. Mr. Barkers Eclectic Sideshow and Traveling Menagerie Strike up the band The air is electric For the man on the flaming trapeze Hold your breath As they defy death While clowns bring you to your knees See the bearded lady the girl with no torso And the human tattoo but on closer inspection You catch your reflection And realize the freak is you.
Boxcar 03:41
"Boxcar" ©2022Heisner, BMI Lyrics: Ricky Heisner / Music: Robby Heisner Boxcar take me where I’m going Never mind the scenery I’ve got time to change my mind If I don’t like the company Every time I look outside The world is just the same And I can’t escape the feeling I’m the one to blame Chorus: No one’s getting on or off Alone in their ambition I don’t need their sound/blind advice I’ll trust my intuition Boxcar slowing down at last I’m here, my trip is over Open up the doors, can’t wait to see What it is that I’ll discover Stepping out I find myself A man without a face A broken mirror image of The strangers in this place Boxcar moving on without me Another nameless might-have-been Let it roll, 'cos bless my soul You won't believe the state I'm in Free at last to shake the past, Like dust, from my old dreams Fear and doubt had rung me out And hung me in-between
"DISCOVERY" ©2022Heisner, BMI I never thought I would find you here But looking back I guess I knew That all good things must begin again I should have known they’d begin with you Did you discover the dreams you had Were waiting here like you knew they would Or did they fade like a dying rose And leave you doing the best you could Chorus: How did you know Did you dream it in your sleep Were they secrets that you Were unable to keep Have you been here before Will we see you again Can we turn it around Do we win in the end You touched the face of eternity You’ve seen forever in a day As golden empires returned to sand And winds of change blew the dust away When summer skies turned from blue to red Were you afraid of what lay beyond How many times did you close your eyes How many times did you fall in love
"This Thing Called Life" ©2022Heisner, BMI Lyrics: / Music: Robby Heisner Why do we always go Where we don’t want to go In this thing called life Why do we always do What they want us to In this thing called life I just want to be myself And not be someone else Why can’t we ever say What we want to say In this thing called life And why do we only see What we’re told to see In this thing called life I just want to be myself And not be someone else This thing called life I find myself Looking away So far away I can’t see But looking around I see myself The man I used to be I can finally hear What I need to hear In this thing called life And I can finally see What I need to see In this thing called life I can now be myself And not somebody else
This Is How 04:42
"This is How" ©2022Heisner, BMI Lyrics: Ricky Heisner / Music: RobbyHeisner I am speechless Humbled and hushed As unworthy as I am profane And I wonder If you love me too much But I know I'm a fool and ashamed I am breathless Shaken and stirred In the presence of Heaven so near It's no wonder That I struggle for words When such JOY's almost too much to bear chorus This is how you touch me And I'll never be the same This is how you move me Like a piece that wins the game This is how you see me So much better than I am This is how you know me Deeper than I'll ever understand I am helpless Broken and blessed By the weight of this glorious gift It's a wonder Only dimly expressed By these half-mumbled prayers on my lips No subtlety escapes you Loving with envious ease You bless me like the Grace of God And send me to my knees I am thoughtless Fallen and frail Without you my devotion is weak It's a wonder That I so often fail When I know you're the love that I seek
"Strange (If Love)" ©2022Heisner, BMI Lyrics: Ricky Heisner / Music: Robby Heisner Words have long been my undoing Speak to me and I’m undone I believe the things you tell me And come alive beneath your sun A glimpse of you can make me tremble I melt beneath your touch like snow The air between us sings electric We dance like sparks along the flow Chorus: If love is never finished I can only love you more Strange how hard it breaks the heart it heals If love is not diminished Only greater than before Strange how much it gives the heart it steals Strange how sad the JOY that love reveals All this time a sense of wonder Still you take my breath away The bottom’s fallen out and left me Torn between my heart and brain It’s easy to forget the danger Caught-up in this atmosphere Reeling like a drunken sailor Sober with a Holy fear Bridge: And I never got to hold you Or kiss away your tears I was never even man enough to try But if love is something stronger Like a bridge across the years I will love you till the day I die Distant as a total stranger Closer than a friend in need Faithful as a saint believing Quick to prove it all in deed Veiled allusions breed temptation Even in this sacred place Passion’s tree is heavy laden With a fruit I'll never taste
"What I’ll miss the most" ©2022Heisner, BMI Lyrics / Music: Robby Heisner When I think of all the things I’ll miss The thing I’ll miss the most is you To hold your hand, to touch your face, to feel the warmth of your embrace so true. When I think of all the things I‘ll miss A smile, a touch, a tender kiss or two Silent Walks under the moon Unspoken words, our favorite tune I’ll miss I’ll miss the sunlight gleaming through your hair The flowers blooming everywhere That look you give me when you smile I’ll miss finding pictures in the sky Laughing until we to cry Feeling alone with you In a crowd But what I’ll miss the most….is you. When I think of all the things I’ll miss Like walks on the beach in an ocean mist with you To hear your voice, To hear you sigh To give you comfort when you cry I’ll miss I’ll miss skipping rocks across the lake Sharing the memories that we make Chasing rainbows in the sky I’ll miss all the love that you give That love that makes me want to live The way you made me feel I’m the one But what I’ll miss the most.... Is you
"Like Sunday Gone To Town" ©2022Heisner, BMI Lyrics: Ricky Heisner / Music: robby heisner She's complicated But completely understated With a weakness for the Light in her eyes She's on a mission Like a nun who's seen a vision Full of passion and a touch of surprise Chorus: And she shines like Sunday gone to town And she shines like Sunday gone to town She's open minded But will never hide behind it Like it's just another clever disguise She's understanding With a patience never-ending And too honest to believe her own lies Bridge: She's catching glimpses Through the holes in your defenses Like she's known you since the day you were born She's out to get you But the truth will never hit you Till you forget that she was ever around She's got a secret But she only means to keep it Till you're young enough to know what you've found
The Boogey Man" ©2022Heisner, BMI Lyrics / Music: Robby Heisner High on a hill lives the boogey man In the darkness in a castle of stone No one knows why the boogie man Spends his life all alone The sky’s turn dark in the daytime The castle turns gloomy and cold But nighttime is when it comes alive And the castle glistens like gold As the angry mob makes its way up the hill They all gasp at the sight that they see. It‘s the Boogey Man So next time you see a house on a hill Dark, spooky and cold Perceptions are not always what they seem Like the childhood stories you were told Now when the mob marches their way up the hill They laugh and join in for the thrill He’s the boogey man


Brothers, Ricky, Robby & Jamey Heisner, are at it again! After a 20 year break, Van Gogh is back with their 6th album. "We figured with all the bleakness going on we would make something happy!" Robby said. Grab your groovy, grab your skates, it's time for Retro!!


released February 22, 2022

Producer- Robby Heisner
Engineer- Michelle Raven
Mastering- Rodney Mills Master House
Design & Layout- Robby Heisner


all rights reserved



VAN GOGH Atlanta, Georgia

Brothers, Ricky, Robby & Jamey Heisner, are at it again! After a 20 year break, Van Gogh is back with their 6th album. "We figured with all the bleakness going on we would make something happy!" Robby said. Grab your groovy, grab your skates, it's time for Retro!! ... more

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